To get started you need to choose if you want a fixed wing or multi-rotor agriculture drone

  • The difference between a fixed wing and a multi-rotor agriculture drone

  • Multi-rotor drone

Multi-rotor drones are the most popular and are a better choice for close-in scouting, spotting, and detailed lifting tasks because they can be static in the air and take pictures and film fixed points or smaller areas.

These drones use the same principle of helicopter flying. Through mobile wings that have high rotations per minute allows the drone to fly. This type of drone is easier to control. Because they fly at a lower altitude and are slower, they can capture images with greater precision and resolution.

The multi-rotor drones have been widely used for film production, aerial photos and are the models used by the public for entertainment. The most modern batteries have an autonomy of 20 to 30 minutes.

However, multi-rotor drones also have a number of limitations. This type of drones has much less flight coverage than fixed-wing drones. The multi-rotor is not suitable for monitoring large areas because they can not travel long distances, due in particular to reduced autonomy, reduced speed, and resistance.
Fixed wing drone

Fixed-wing drones are a better choice when you want to cover large areas. This type of drones has a delta wing that creates the support for flight. They are more efficient due to the fact that they only need the energy to propel them forward and not to keep them in the air.

These drones can cover up to 10 times more area than a typical multi-rotor drone can cover on a single flight. However, due to the higher speed, the image taken may not have much quality.

One of the great advantages of fixed wing drones is that they have a high autonomy, with models that can remain in operation for up to 16 hours.
Type Advantages Disadvantages

Multi-rotor drone

Easy to use Short flights
Static flight Low autonomy
Capture high-quality images

Fixed wing drone

Long flights Highest cost
Great autonomy Requires some training
Large coverage area

Fixed wing drones are more expensive, typically cost $5,000 to $25,000 or more, after being fitted with sensors.

Multi-rotor drones are generally cheaper than fixed wings, starting at around $1,500-$10,000 for a professional-grade camera drone packaged with multi-spectral cameras and software for agriculture image processing.

Now see some models…

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