Laws and rules

Depend on the country that you live some regulations and laws can be different, so search better in you country.

For the USA:

FAA Regulation

  • Flying drones for agriculture is always a commercial operation, according to the FAA
  • By law:
    • The pilot must have Remote Pilot Airman Certificate, must be 16 years old and must pass TSA vetting
    • The aircraft must be less than 55 lbs and must be registered if over 0.55 lbs (online)
    • To operate the drone you must keep the aircraft in sight (visual line-of-sight), must fly under 400 feet, must fly during the day, must fly at or below 100 mph, must not fly over people and must not fly from a moving vehicle

EPA Regulations – By law, the EPA has the right to access any and all data generated by drones flying over your property

Here is an excellent site where you can find all the rules for drones in your country:

Interference With Other Aircraft

  • Other manned aircraft may share the same airspace as an agriculture drone – it is important to file a flight plan with your local airport/FAA office




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