Now, you need the right sensor

When you buy a drone, it comes with a built-in sensor. However, many also adapt to other sensors that might please you more

  • Types of sensors

It is not enough to have the drone, it is also necessary to have a proper camera. It is necessary to acquire a high-quality camera in order to get the best possible images and get the best benefit of the use of drones in agriculture.

RGB sensors

An RGB camera delivers the three basic color components (red, green, and blue) on three different wires. This type of camera often uses three independent CCD sensors to acquire the three color signals. RGB cameras are used for very accurate color image acquisitions.

NIR sensors

These cameras take near-infrared images (NIR) and provide additional details or can see through certain obstacles that can not be accomplished with standard visible spectrum imaging cameras or are invisible to the naked eye.

NIR or Near Infrared cameras, or near infrared, are very important for the sensing in agriculture because it provides information about the physiological and health status of the plantations.


A multispectral camera captures image data at specific frequencies across the eletromagnetic spectrum.

Multispectral cameras are cameras that have multiple sensors. Each of them is a high-quality filter specific for capturing various reflected waveforms.

In this way, these cameras capture and separate the different types of color and are able to capture frequencies invisible to human eyes, such as infrared.

  • Models

Here are some of the most popular sensors for drones:

Multispec 4C Sensor
  • Compatible with all drones
  • 1,2 Mpix /1280x960px
  • 4 sensors: 550, 660, 735, 790nm
  • Low luminosity (>3000 lux)
  • Global shutter
  •  Sunshine sensor
  • SD card storage
  • IFOV : 0,9mrad / FOV : 67°x53°
  • 78x121x61mm
  • 160g
Sequoia Sensor
  • Multispectral camera for agriculture
  • Self-calibrated using the Sunshine sensor
  • RGB camera 16 Mpx for scouting
  • High photo rate (1 picture per second)
  • Independent from the drone
  • Standard protocol (PTP) for communication with drones
  • USB powered

There are many other sensors like:

  • The sentera double 4k
  • The sentera quad
  • The sentera ndvi single sensor

More information here:

Remember: many of the drones that are on sale already have a camera included, but many of them can adapt to other cameras

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