Drones disadvantages in agriculture

  • Cost of Purchase

Drones qualified for the use in agriculture are quite costly. For some drones, the heavy cost includes the cost of hardware, software, tools and imaging sensors.

Buying a drone that is not equipped with the necessary features can be cheaper. Besides this, purchasing drones equipped for the use in agriculture can be costly in the short run, but worthwhile in the long run.

  • Federal Laws (depend on the country)

The use of drones for agriculture purposes is considered commercial. This means that the farmer needs to undergo FAA operator training (in USA) in order to acquire a remote pilot certificate or to hire an operator with such qualifications. FAA also demands that drones must fly at an altitude of less than 400 feet.

  • Airspace Interference

Agricultural drones share the same airspace with manually manned aircraft, so they are proneto interference. Therefore, it is recommended to the farmer manage his flight with the local airport or the FAA (in USA) before doing it. Continue reading “Drones disadvantages in agriculture”